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Kumar Vishwas performs at the kavi sammelan organized as part of Khasdar Sanskrutik Mahotsav 2021 at IDCPE Ground on Sunday

Nagpur: Don’t underestimate words because they have the power to create history, prominent poet Kumar Vishwas said as he took the stage to host the Khasdar Mahotsav poetry evening being held here on Sunday.
Kumar, along with other poets Shambhu Shikhar, Shikha Pachauri and Vineet Chauhan made the night exciting for all the poetry lovers who came to brave the cold weather.
Emphasizing the importance of poetry, Vishwas, best known for his satirical creations, said that audiences like to be entertained through various performances at any festival, which also touch human emotions, but these do not. cannot overwhelm words full of wisdom for they have the power to mirror everyone.
Shortly after the introduction of Vishwas, the first poet to take the stage was Shambhu Shikhar. The perfect way to get the audience in the mood was to make them laugh and that’s exactly what Shambhu did.
Using satire as an appropriate tool to highlight current situations and netas, the comedian-actor-poet, from Bihar, has not mince words in describing what politics is in Uttar Pradesh, which will go to the polls next year. Shambhu also left the audience divided when he revealed his amusing experiences in Nagpur.
Next on stage was the elegant Shikha Pachauri, who quickly became the star of the event with her recitals of love and romance. His presentation brought back to audiences the romantic feelings of being in the movies of yesteryear.
To make matters a bit serious, Vineet Chauhan underscored his passionate nationalistic feelings for the homeland through poetry and sparked the same zeal among audiences. Recalling his Marathi origins, he also spoke with great respect for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Finally came the one the audience eagerly awaited to hear. Kumar Vishwas lived up to the vishwas with his dynamic finish of the splendid night. Not sparing politicians of all nuances, Vishwas’ satire, in its typical style, got the audience thinking about several topical issues, balancing perfectly with its wit and choice of words.


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