Who is this Cole Schafer that Kacey Musgraves may be dating?

Who is he?
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The celebrity excitement season continues at a steady pace, with another new couple you’ve never seen coming: singer Kacey Musgraves and a Norman who writes poems. In fact, he is currently “trying not to write on her,” according to one. Instagram caption he wrote, presumably about it; the photo shows Musgraves against a background of sentimental-looking little scribbles. In the next slide, there’s an aerial view of New York City, where the paparazzi recently photographed them walking around.

So now I bet you’re wondering, Who is he? Through People, “The new man of Musgraves” is none other than Cole Schafer, whose website describes him as “above all a writer” of publicity texts and poems. In fact, you may know Schafer as the poet January Black. No? OK alright. Guess we’ll have to dig.

Same! When my colleagues referred to the Norman poet Musgraves saw or did not see, I assumed they were referring to the doctor who did securities a few months ago: Nashville-based internist Dr. Gerald Onuoha, with whom the singer took a handful of cozy photos ca. April. Maybe this man writes poems too, but we might never know because Musgraves has now been spotted with an advertiser who certainly does.

I mean, from the photos it certainly looks like they’re on a little trip together, although I’m not sure what that says about their relationship status. Maybe they’re just hanging out. Musgraves hasn’t formalized anything on Instagram.

“The day”, Schafer “does [his] best Don Draper at Honey Copy, ”a“ small but powerful copywriting store ”that he runs. It specializes in “sales pages that will take your breath away”, “website copy so hot you’ll need oven mitts”, “articles your reader won’t be able to let go” and “emails. that people will check and recheck their inbox for. All this is according to him and Copy of honey websites. Apparently, “some people think [he’s] the worst thing that ever happened to advertising, ”although he doesn’t name names. Schafer is also the author of three newsletters: In pursuit of Hemingway, Sticky notes, and Stranger than fiction.

At night, Schafer works in the moonlight under the name January Black, the pseudonym under which he has published the following volumes of poetry and short stories: Quarantine dreams, After her, and One minute please?

Yes! Here is:

“Live fast, write often,” according to his site.

According to a June 7 Instagram poem – which, please, Musgraves liked – Schafer is romantic about: “Vinyl, red wings, cigarettes and Duke’s cranked bar-top” as well as “pretty strangers, fire exits, porches, [his] grandfather’s callused hands ”and“ the first cup of coffee in the morning ”. Also: books and their thorns, southern Indiana, basketball, fireflies, brothers, bourbon (especially Four Roses), different seasons in different cities, planes and – drum roll, s ‘please ! – “I’m romantic about the way she looks at me, when I get off them [the airplanes], her arrival at the BNA as pretty as an afternoon dream, her messy brown hair above her head, her smile that kills me… I’m romantic with her.

I do not know! He said he was trying not to write about Musgraves, but I sense some overlap of interests here.

No, I think that’s it… for now.

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