What is stock screener?

To know about the stock screeners we must have to understand about the investing. Investing is an activity of putting our money in a place to make money on it. It is an activity of earning. Every economy is based on the businesses. Business plays a large role in the overall growth of the economy. These businesses conduct their activities and for that funds are needed obviously. There is a system in all the countries to provide funds to these organizations and in return they give a part of profits to the persons who invest. Thus people take interest in investing in the companies but these business organizations can’t guarantee the investors that they will definitely make profits. After all business involves high risks and profit is reward of taking risk. High risk means more chances of profits. The risk factor is always there in the business.

How to analyze the best stock?
Thus the question arises that how to analyze best companies to invest in. Thus stock screener is a tool for the investors that assist them to analyze about the position of the stock. There are various criteria on the basis of which analysis is conducted by the stock scanner.
Functioning of stock screener
These stock screeners keep an eye on every stock all the time and observe the variations in it. Then the factors that have impact over the ups and downs of the stock pattern are assessed by the tool and various conclusions are drawn. These help the investors to take right decision about the best stock to which invests in. Generally, many stocks follow the same pattern if related to each other on any ground thus it becomes easy to analyze the various stocks at a time. The graphical presentation of the stock screeners makes the scene visible at a glance. That’s why stock screeners are widely used by the investors.

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