What is course Hero? Know its features

Course Hero is the online guide for the students. It provides educational resources to the students in their making projects; it also helps as a tutor and also gives an online learning support to the students. It is the micro-publishing platform for the educators, and it is an online portal also. They collect and organize the study material for students to practice in exams, sample paper sets, flashcards and notes for the students according to their requirements.

The user has to search for the content on their sites, and they will help you with the applicable notes. The users have to either buy the subscription or they have to upload the order, so they can receive the membership and can use the website easily.

• The course hero offers help to more than millions of students. The students have to pay the monthly subscription whereby they can get the immediate access or they can also do one more thing is that they can upload 40 documents, and they will be receiving the free access for that particular month. Once the user is uploading 40 documents, then they can get free downloads of at least three hundred documents from the course hero.
• The next is the expert tutors which offers 24/7 access online to the students. In this, you can ask the questions from the tutors related to your subjects, and you will get the reply within three days. The access is charged per user, but the new subscribers have to pay for per question.
• The third thing about this website is that they offer the digital flashcards to the students.
• Students can create the study material, upload the material, participate in the quiz and even can share their notes with other. Through flashcard, they can send you the deadline to submit all materials they require.
The course hero is the online helping tool for the students which provide them with the best study material.

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