What are the Two Plans You Could Use for Clash of Clans Game?

The clash video game is available for all kind of devices right from computer to smart phones. You can download this clash of clans free gems game from any gaming websites as per your wish. If you are not satisfied with other websites, you can download this game from its official Super Cell website. And you no need to pay anything for downloading this game. The reason is that, the clans game is totally free of cost. It sounds good – right? In coc free gems game, you can get five hundred free gems at the starting itself. And you can those free gems in any stages according to your wishes and demands. You need only few minutes for downloading this coc video game.

And the clash application software is completely virus free because this game is developed with anti-virus software as well. So, you no need to worry about the corruptions or slow loading or some other clutters. Do you have any idea about clash game plans? If not, read the article further. There are two plans you could use while you are playing free gems clash of clans which are defensive base plan and farming base plan. Both the plans have only little difference in it. That is, in defensive base plan, town hall is nationalized.

And in farming base plan, resources are nationalized. Mostly, defensive plan is utilized by most gamers in order to protect their entire building. If you use farming base plan, you can able to safeguard only the resources what you get. It is advisable to protect your building rather than protecting your resources. If you do, you can rescue both your building as well as your bearings. The reason is that, if your building is safe, automatically, your resources will be safe. You can play the coc free gems easily, if you follow the rules properly.

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