What are different types of net worth and how you can find out the correct net worth of celebrities?

Find out the list of top ranking net worth celebrities from reliable websites:
There are some websites, which are dedicated to declaring the list of celebrities as per their rank of net worth. Very often these lists are made on the basis of individuals’ net worth. However, net worth, as well as wealth, may refer the wealth of public companies, private companies or government enterprises. The net worth of the individual is calculated by the formula: the value of individual’s assets plus gross income from different sources minus liabilities and expenses of that person.

The retirement accounts, different investments, the value of movable as well as immovable properties and bank balance are considered as assets on the other side secured debt, and unsecured debt are considered as liabilities. The intangible assets like educational degrees are not included in the net worth.
What is the net worth of government?
All assets, as well as liabilities which are shown in the balance sheets, can be formed the net worth of governments as well. In accordance with the debt and assets of government, the net worth of government’s financial strength is measured. The countries’ net worth is calculated by way of the total net worth of companies plus total net worth of individual residents of that country plus total net worth of governments. In the US the countries net worth is considered to as the financial position of US.

Different traded celebrities’ net worth:
The celebrities may be in different professions such as film heroes, heroines, sports person, athletics, boxers, scientists, businessmen, corporate person, politicians, doctors and so many other professionals. However, you should collect the financial data of those celebrities from the reliable sources only to calculate their net worth. Internet will also help you to find out the reliable source and to collect the correct financial data of your favorite celebrity.

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