We will continue to encourage staff to do poetry and writing – Marine

The Nigerian Navy said it will continue to serve as a source of encouragement to its personnel who have chosen to engage in poetry and other forms of writing.

The Commanding Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Pathfinder, Commodore Suleiman Ibrahim gave the assurance yesterday in Port Harcourt while speaking at the launch of a book titled: ‘Like Butterflies Scattered By Art of Rascals’.

The book, which is a composition of poetic works, was written by Navy Commander Umar Abubakar Sidi, a Navy helicopter pilot.
Ibrahim said: “All I can say is that Sidi, the sky is your starting point. The Nigerian Navy and the Armed Forces as a whole will always support you. We will always provide you with the pedestal to lift you higher.

The NNS Pathfinder Commander, who was represented by Navy Captain Stanley Umeh, recalled how Sidi started writing poems for the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) magazine “The Variance” as a freshman cadet. in 2000.

He said: “I vividly remember that in 2000, Sidi, as a freshman cadet at the Nigeria Defense Academy, displayed this talent for poetry.

“If you know what the NDA is, in your freshman year you’ll be a totally confused human being. But, in his freshman year, he was constantly writing poems for NDA magazine called ‘The Variance.’

Speaking to reporters later, the book’s author, Sidi, said he believed that each individual aims to live the fullness of their experiences on earth, hence his decision to embark on reading and poetry.

Sidi said, “I believe every individual has an effort they make; some people get into sports in order to live the fullness of their experiences on earth.

“For me, I discovered reading a long time ago and I also discovered poetry as a means of accessing the deepest part of the spirit of the soul.”

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