The Musicians and Writers Workshops (WMW), which recently opened in the former Lewis Jewelry building on Price’s Main Street, hosted a reading and Q&A on August 25.

The WMW is owned by Matthew Sorenson and Deb Hohenthal, a couple who moved from Salt Lake City and wanted to pursue their passion for poetry in this area. According to their website, the WMW is a non-profit organization that provides a place where musicians and writers, young and old, can learn, practice, collaborate and perform.

“Writing and music can connect generations, bring the past into the future, unite traditionalists and rebels, and can draw people to our city,” MMF shared. “By working with other arts groups and educators, our non-the profit center will hold workshops, provide practice space and sponsor performances.

Additionally, MMF coordinates with local schools and Utah State University Eastern. Expertise and coaching come from local artists and regional writers and musicians.

The poetry reading and Q&A that was held featured Utah’s new Poet Laureate, Lisa Bickmore, who said she was excited to join the Musicians and Writers Workshops. The WMW is located at 46 East Main Street in Price.