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WASHINGTON, DC – With the recent board decision and membership approval to partner with the Produce Marketing Association to form a new association in 2022, the current United Fresh BB #: 145458 The board of directors, market segment boards and expert advisory boards will remain in place and continue to guide the association until 2021.

In addition, current President-elect Danny Dumas, President of Courchesne Larose USA, will become Chairman of the Board effective June 1. He will take the reins from Michael Muzyk, president of Baldor Specialty Foods, who led the association throughout the year of the pandemic. since March 2020.

Danny was born and raised in Canada where he studied in English and French. He started his career in products at Dole Fresh Fruit Company where he held various positions. In 1998, Danny joined Del Monte Fresh Produce to run its first and only Canadian office as Regional Sales Manager. He has held various positions at Del Monte Fresh, including Vice President of Operations for Europe and Africa in its European offices in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In 2014, he returned to Florida as Vice President of Sales and Product Management and became Senior Vice President NA Sales & Product Management in 2019. He joined Courchesne Larose USA in 2021.

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to help lead such a wonderful association,” said Michael Muzyk, President of Baldor Specialty Food, Inc. “It is with great pleasure, honor and respect that I pass the relay to my dear friend and colleague, Danny Dumas. Danny has been a steadfast support this year. I also want to thank Tom for his dedication to our members. Leadership is a capacity that translates vision into reality; and Tom certainly has leadership characteristics.

“I am honored to assume the role of President of United Fresh and also very happy to work alongside the United Board of Directors, loyal members and staff,” said Danny Dumas, President of Courchesne Larose USA . “I would like to congratulate and thank my dear friend Michael Muzyk, for his dedication and leadership within our association in what has been and continues to be a difficult time. Although he went through a crisis and reinvented his business, Michael led our association with passion and was one of the architects who helped lay the foundation for the new association. We thank Michael for his involvement.

“As we transition to the new association, I look forward to working with Tom, his dedicated staff and PMAs for a harmonious combination to provide the best value and service to our members. I would be remiss if I did not also thank the members of the United / PMA Integration Committee as well as Tom and Cathy for their work and their continued contribution to building a new successful association, ”added Dumas.

“As we begin to look back on this extraordinary year of pandemic and look forward to great things to come for our association and our industry, I am especially grateful to all of the leaders of the board and board who have guided United Fresh this year, ”said Tom Stenzel, President and CEO of United Fresh. “I appreciate their willingness to continue serving until 2021 by extending some of their volunteer commitments and their active support for our new association in 2022.”

About United Fresh Produce Association

Founded in 1904, the United Fresh Produce Association brings together companies from all segments of the fresh produce supply chain, including producers, shippers, fresh produce processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, food service operators, industry suppliers and allied associations. We empower industry leaders to shape strong government policy. We provide the resources and expertise businesses need to successfully manage complex business and technical issues. We provide the training and development individuals need to advance their careers in products. Through these efforts, we unite our industry with a common goal: to create long-term value for our members and to increase product consumption.

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