Tyne & Wear tube station exhilarated by poetry in new project

South Gosforth poet Anna Woodford was on the move on the tube when the idea hit her to display some thought-provoking poetry at Longbenton tube station.

The poet was first traveling due to the pandemic when it occurred to him that many other people might be feeling nervous or excited to get back to normal like she did, and that poetry can be a wonderful way to record these shared feelings and for others to enjoy them in their day to day lives.

The project is in collaboration with Royal Literary Fund Fellows from Newcastle and York Universities, and operator Metro Nexus who say they are very ‘proud’ to support this art form and display four poems that reflect the pandemic .

Anna sought out three other poets to get involved in the project and create a positive poem based on the theme of the pandemic.

The other poets are Pippa Little, Penny Boxall and Christy Ducker, and with Anna’s work all of the poems have now been turned into great works of art and are currently on display at the Longbenton tube station.

Poet Anna Woodford said: “I was on the tube for the first time in a long time feeling nervous but excited to be back to normal and I thought a lot of people were probably feeling the same.

The last year has been a brief window in time where everyone has had the same experience and poetry is a good way to recognize it, capturing the spirit of how it feels to start our lives over.

Huw Lewis, Director of Customer Services at Nexus, said: “Metro has a long history of art display on the network, and we were thrilled when Anna first contacted this project, it’s a great idea and the poems are fantastic in the station.

“Placing art and poetry in public places like train stations, where people don’t expect to see them, is a great way to present them to the public. I hope these poems will entertain and surprise, provide inspiration or comfort, and give our clients the opportunity to take a moment of reflection.

Steve Cook of the Royal Literary Fund said: “We are proud to support many incredible writers from the North East and to help bring their uplifting words to the attention of the public in so many ways.”

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