Trinity College Dublin launches Taiwanese poetry translation competition

London, July 15 (CNA) Trinity College has selected the poem “Through Centenary Square”, written by Tēnn Sūn-tshong (鄭順聰) for its 2022 “Translation Slam” competition, with entrants invited to submit their English-language reinterpretations of Hokkien Taiwanese to work before October 1st.

The winners of the competition, which is organized in conjunction with the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland, will be invited to the university’s Center for Literary and Cultural Translation to give a lecture on their work, according to organizers.

James Hadley, an assistant professor at the center, said the rich musicality and rhythm of “Through Centenary Square” echoes James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

To give attendees a sense of the cadence and meter of “Through Centenary Square”, organizers invited Tēnn to record a video playback of his poem in his original Taiwanese Hokkien.

Tēnn, born in 1976 in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan, is a writer known for his dedication to the advancement of Taiwanese Hokkien literature and the transmission of the cultural heritage of the dialect. His works range from poems to prose, novels and plays.

On Tuesday, Yang Tzu-pao (楊子葆), head of Taipei’s representative office in Ireland, praised this year’s Translation Slam competition for highlighting linguistic diversity, something that has played an important role in heritage. culture of Taiwan and Ireland.

Tsao Yu-po’s Mandarin Chinese “Amnesty of the Night” (曹馭博) was selected for the inaugural competition in 2021, and Yang said poems in Hakka or indigenous languages ​​could be considered for future entries. editions.

(By Chen Yun-yu and trainee Lee Chao-an)

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