This Phinney Ridge shop combines books and wine

Drink Books is run by two friends passionate about literature and wine. #k5evening

SEATTLE — A good glass of wine goes great with a book, and luckily there’s a store in Phinney Ridge that pairs them: Drink Books.

Friends Kim Kent and Emily Schikora run the shop together, originally united by Kent’s book club, Book Cru.

“During the pandemic, we sat on my porch and drank a lot of wine, read a lot of books, and talked about a lot of books,” Schikora says. “And the idea of ​​turning Kim’s Book Cru into a kind of brick-and-mortar thing started to percolate.”

Drink Books sells books of all kinds, but they mostly stick to picks and lesser-known classics. As for wine, they specialize in natural wine, that is, wine without chemicals.

“To me, it’s important for a lot of reasons,” Kent said. “But I think the way it applies to books is [that] it’s kind of the act of turning a thing – grapes – into wine, and kind of letting it speak for itself.”

Books and wine are sold as a couple or à la carte. Although they suggest a moody red for a Shirley Jackson novel, a customer shouldn’t feel pressured to drink based on their suggestions.

And despite the opening of this ephemeral boutique, Kent’s Book Cru is still going strong. You can sign up on their website to sign up and pick up your selection from the store each month.

“So every month, participants get a book and a bottle of wine,” Kent explains. “And then we get together to chat and drink, depending on the state of our public health at the time.”

Each month’s selection is accompanied by Kim’s tasting notes, both for the book and the wine. The two aren’t that different, it seems – and in this shop, they exist in perfect harmony.

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