A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once

a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps change the shape

of the universe, helps to deepen the knowledge that each has of himself and of

world around him. — Dylan Thomas

Poetry must surprise by a beautiful excess and not by singularity – it must

strike the reader as a formulation of his own highest thoughts and appear

almost a memory. — John Keats

A poet is a nightingale who sits in the dark and sings to cheer up his people

loneliness with sweet sounds. — Percy Byshe Shelley

Poetry and beauty always make peace. When you read something beautiful, you find coexistence; it breaks down the walls. — Mahmoud Darwish

By Tahreem Asghar

We are tired, my heart and I

The many stars in the sky

I can’t light up my nights

My eyes are swollen and dry


We are tired, my heart and I

I’ve knocked on many doors

But I couldn’t find one at your abode


My ears long for the sound of your voice

My eyes twist for the spy of your soul

In search of the soul of my hamdam, I cry day and night

We are tired, my heart and I

By Asbah Khan

The great weeping willow,

With its cascade of leaves.

Gently sways in the breeze

Like we’re dancing to a song,

Plucked on the delicate strings

of the lute.

The music I hear;

Is made of

Whispers of the wind,

rustle of leaves,

cuckoo cries,

And the melody of songbirds.

The tree turns and turns its head.

Her crown of emerald foliage,

shine in the sun

As he welcomes the arrival of spring.

By Mashal Farid

I heard voices in my head, I ignored

Despite the pain in my legs, I strode

The days were the smooth surface of

fine stones

In a constant whirlwind

Like superficiality in a sunny shelter

A blank stare at the sweltering sky

And the cries that push me…

Now mad… mad… mad…

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