“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Continues Through “The Hollow Trilogy”

Last year at the Ridgefield Library Book Sale, I purchased a YA book that takes place in Sleepy Hollow and the author weaves “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” through the story.

The book was part of Jessica Verday’s “The Hollow Trilogy” (and was actually book 2 but I’m ok with starting in the middle and coming back to book 1 later).

The trilogy takes place in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Abbey’s best friend, Kristen, disappears from the Bridge of the Headless Horseman near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. While everyone believes Kristen is dead, Abbey thinks there is something they don’t know about what happened to Kristen. A mysterious young man, Caspian, shows up at Kristen’s funeral. Caspian has secrets but despite those secrets, he makes Abbey feel a bit normal, until she finds out everything he’s hiding. Caspian, along with other characters we meet, has ties to “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”… close ties, very close ties.

The book has a bit of a “Twilight” meets “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” feel (minus the vampires). What I liked about this YA series is how Verday incorporated Sleepy Hollow into the book. Having visited the cemetery and the old Dutch church, I wanted precision in the frame and it achieved that. Abbey often visited Washington Irving’s grave. I appreciated the quality of the writing of these scenes.

I like books that contain local landmarks. I like to see the story take place somewhere that I can literally imagine in my mind, and I really like it when the author does a great job using those real places. This trilogy is a great October read for YA readers. Read the book and visit Sleepy Hollow. Walk the paths behind the Old Dutch Church through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and feel the book come to life around you.

Whenever we can experience books in multiple ways, it makes readers more excited to read. Come back next week and I’ll discuss more ways to take a multi-sensory approach to discovering great books!

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