The Greek National Opera presents 1821, THE GREEK REVOLUTION AND POETRY IN MUSIC this month

The beginning of the new artistic period of the Greek Alternative Theater is marked by the memorable partnership of two historic bodies, the National Opera and the Union of Greek Musicians, who are working together for the first time in their long history in the wake of a triple anniversary: ​​that of the two hundred years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution, the eighty years since the creation of the HEL as well as the ninety years since the creation of the EEM.

The collaboration of the two institutions, with their distinct and proven sensitivity to the question of support for Greek music, both historical and contemporary, is part of the competition for the composition of lyrical songs jointly announced on the theme of 1821, Greek Revolution and set to musical poetry.

The diverse and award-winning works of composers Giorgos Vavoulas, Theodoros Gougusoudis, Ismenis Gyftaki-Bek, Xenias Konstantinidou, Evripides Bekou and Christos Dovas, based on the poetry of Aristotle Valaoritis, Costas Varnalis, Andreas Kalvos, Victor Hugo and Angelos Sikelianos on the theme of the Greek Revolution, will be presented in a concert that combines the strengths of several distinguished soloists as well as the Orchestra of the Greek Orthodox Hellenistic Church under the musical direction of Nikos Vassiliou, a conductor specializing in contemporary music with all its kaleidoscopic characteristics . shades.

The production is implemented with the support of the donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) [ ] for the creation of the National Opera’s anniversary program for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

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