The best quiz and trivia nights in Shanghai

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If you’ve ever thought that time spent browsing YouTube rabbit holes was a waste, think again. At these regular quiz and trivia nights around Shanghai, you can put all that weird wisdom (and more) you’ve gained over the years to good use and maybe even earn something while you’re at it.



It’s not just about Cages, you will also find one of the biggest quizzes in Shanghai here. Held at 8 p.m. sharp every Wednesday by quiz master Dane Kyle, it features five rounds with ten points each and a sixth high-stakes sweep round added at the end for teams needing a bet. It covers a wide range of topics in classic, audio, and visual form, so whether you’re browsing the front page of Reddit daily or can recognize a song within its first ten seconds, you’ll likely come across something you know.

Time: Wednesdays, 8 p.m.

Price: The first place is awarded with a bottle of tequila, the second with five liters of beer, the third with shots and the penultimate with a jug of beer (so don’t cook in the hope of a wooden spoon. ). Season winners receive a 2000RMB voucher.

Offers: Fuel your brain with pizza, not just one but two, because you will get the second for 8RMB. The teams also receive a pitcher of beer at the entrance to calm the nerves of the competition.

The hop project

The hop project

This football-focused quiz held at the Hop Project every Friday night has seven sets of about 100 questions that will test you across all areas of the beautiful game – famous red cards, best free kicks, what happened. spent in the field last month … name it. The focus is on world football as well, so don’t think you can just watch the game of the day. And, if you don’t know the difference between Ligue 1 and Ligue 1, that’s okay – join us and you might be able to have your own conversations when you come back to watch the games later in the weekend. end.

Time: Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

Price: The season has already started at the start of the year with a trophy awaiting the eventual winners, but for those who wish to join randomly, there are shots for the leaders at half-time, the same for the finalists and a first place drink tour (plus Eternal Glory).

Offers: While there is no specific deal, the grilled cheese sandwiches are a treat and may or may not help you remember which country has been knocked out of the World Cup on penalties three times in a row.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Abbey Road’s weekly trivia night is well known for its hubbub, not only for the amount of alcohol circulating the site, but for the way the teams are involved and competitive (in a friendly manner). Emmet Sheridan is in charge of this one and has plenty of head scrapers that cover a multitude of topics such as literature, movies, animals, geography, and sports. It’s three sets of five questions (each with a point value) and also kicked off gear where you’ll have to think fast for the shots – like naming the last five actors in Batman.

Time: Thursdays, 8 p.m.

Price: The first place wins 300RMB in coupons, wine and a series of hits. Second, a 200RMB coupon and a series of blows. The third one arrives at…? You guessed it, sink a series of hits.

Offers: On Thursdays, the burgers are conveniently 88RMB with a drink – of course paired with trivial activities.



You can spend your Sunday night relaxing on the couch, or you can flip the script and get your brain going early before the work week. On Rooster Quiz Night, Emmet Sheridan also runs the roost but, unlike Abbey Road, he follows a traditional six-round format with answer sheets. You’ll start by identifying images (like famous houses from sitcoms), then move on to current events and rotating categories. There’s still one for film / TV so you can show off your Netflix education from last year.

Time: Sunday, 7 p.m.

Price: The Season Prize is a barrel of Goose Island IPA, while Night Champions earn Rooster Hits and Coupons.

Offers: There are a variety of drink specials to help you activate your mind – house wine at 35RMB, 40RMB for a Goose Island IPA, four Jameson Shots at 100RMB, and a bottle of prosecco for 50RMB.

El Santo

El Santo

It has been around for ten years and even after a change of location (from The Camel to El Santo), the city’s oldest quiz continues to stand the test of time. Its longevity is not only due to the varied selection of questions that will make even the greatest king of random facts um and ah, but for your quiz master Ned Kelly (who also runs the football quiz below) sets over ten round puzzles – not too serious and sure to make you laugh while wishing you took school history a little more seriously.

Time: Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m.

Price: The winners of the quarterly season leave with 2000RMB in vouchers. The teams placed on the podium that night win bottles of prosecco and more El Santo vouchers.

Offers: Arrive early to enjoy half-price drinks until 8 p.m. Selected food (burritos and tacos) is also half price for the duration of the quiz.



How much do you know about queer history? Every third Thursday of the month, prepare to be quizzed on everything from the first AIDS awareness group in New York City to the ‘semi-iconic superheroine who was relaunched by DC Comics as the lesbian of the 21st century’ ‘. Team up with friends or the person next to you and find out who’s got it all in the city’s one and only multi-purpose space, Roxie.

Time: The third Thursday of each month, 8 p.m.
Price: Tons of freebies from the city’s sponsors are up for grabs including Strictly Cookies, The Pearl, Sherpa’s, ESL Passport, The Hai, Hunt, The Fixx Barbershop and more.

Offers: The happy hour pricing on drinks (100RMB for two) lasts for the duration of the quiz. Choose from a selection of cocktails, beers, wines and blends.

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