Telangana MLC Goreti Venkanna receives Sahitya Akademi award; CM praises the poet

The famous poet and member of the Legislative Council of Telangana (MLC) Gorati Venkanna was chosen Thursday for the Sahitya Akademi Prize (poetry category) for 2021 and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao conveyed his greetings to the poet.

According to an official press release, KCR said that ‘Vallankitaalam’, a compilation of poems by Venkanna, winning the Central Prize is worthy of praise.

The CM said that the poetry of Gorati Venkanna, which exposed the daily problems of life with a touch of social philosophy before the eyes of all, reflected the pain of the universal man. Rao further praised Venkanna for beautifully revealing the umbilical relationship between human life and nature, the relationship between man and other animals and birds.

He added that Venkanna, through her literature, had made “the smell of the soil of Telangana” universally recognized.

The poet during the separate Telangana Statehood movement had played a key role through his songs and literature. The Venkanna Literature Prize is an award given to the living philosophy of an ordinary man from Telangana, KCR added.

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