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Why Should You Use Truvada?

truvada is a pill used to treat HIV in patients weighing more than 77lbs (35 kg) and contains two medicines: emtricitabine and tenofovir. Though it will be very farfetched to say that this miracle pill alone is enough to cure HIV positive patients, yet this pill gives enough reason to people for them to use it.

What is Truvada?
Truvada tenofovir is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of HIV in healthy people and for the treatment of curing HIV positive patients. This medicine works by lowering the circulation of the infection in the blood and has proven to be effective in lowering the risk of contracting the HIV infection among healthy people who run the high risk of contracting this disease.
Is the drug effective?
There is much confusion regarding the effectiveness of Truvada prompting many people to discard the thought of using this drug.However, one look at the success statistics of the drug will probably change such notions and prompt people to opt for Truvada Australia. The study has shown that healthy gay and bisexual men who were counseled about safe sex and took truvada daily lowered the risk of contracting HIV by 42%. Another study conducted with heterosexual couples of which one partner was HIV positive showed that the regular use of truvada lowered the risk of contracting HIV from the uninfected partner by 75%.
What are the controversies?
However, the FDA approval is much controversial since it is argued that this will encourage buyers to indulge in un-safe sex and that might hamper the main purpose of this drug altogether. Hence one should not only buy truvada but should combine using it along with the usage of condoms for the complete prevention of getting affected by the HIV virus.
Truvada, though may not be the complete solution, is definitely a part of it in preventing and curing HIV AIDS, which is reason enough for people to start using it.