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Proper Mounting of Digital Print Canvas – Must Know Aspect

Digital printing is a breakthrough in the field of printing that has not only added a speed to the printing technology but an enhanced quality of print as well. Today, you rarely find printing media where digital printing is not used. From home to commercial use and in the exhibitions, the digital prints create a different feeling with the pictures and other printed materials that are more live than those printed using traditional methods.

Display of a digital print

A display of any digital print will lose its elegance if a proper frame is not use to mount the picture canvas. A canvas stretcher frame has very important role in the display which is constructed generally by using pre-fabricated wooden bars called stretcher bars that can be assembled to construct a frame for canvas stretching and are available in different size and designs for various display locations. These wooden bars are designed and shaped for different purposes and you can select the correct profile that can provide maximum tension to the frame for best mounting.

Tension of canvas differs with a type of material used in the canvas and the right frame can enhance its elegancy. wooden stretcher bars are used because a wood is more stable and can be easily assembled and adjusted for any size variation. Canvas stretcher bars are designed for different applications such as home and office use, commercial applications, exhibitions, and extra-large advertisement displays. Every stretcher bar has its own dimension to match the application.

Selecting and buying best bars

The display of a print on the canvas is another art like printing and a print mounted on a frame without proper stretching will not provide an effective display and the picture quality may be diminished. Therefore, you should use your judgement based on size of canvas and display location to select bars for stretcher frame. Look for UK stretcher bars online that are one of the best wooden bars available for this purpose.

Canvas Painting – Major Through the Ages

People have been using the craft of painting as passion in addition to professions through the years, and in every instance, they’ve been diversifying the artwork and bringing in changes, to enhance the strategy. In the event of coloured paintings, watercolor painting was the first step towards using paint brushes, that was shortly followed by painting. This shift was brought about as a result of lack of elegance in the watercolor paintings which were produced earlier; although the colours appeared to fade away slowly in due course of time, leaving them dull.

A brief background
The significant trend of this canvas painting began somewhere around the renaissance period, once the painters were keen to develop their skills and establish their gift. The initiation was from Venice, which was a prolific act of harbor at that moment, and had numerous ships and boats moving in and out. The sails used for the ships were made from canvas, which proved to be a wonderful material for painting with the oil paints. Thus, canvas painting became quite popular from that period of time, on account of the very simple availability in the event the painting medium and the paints to paint on them.
Usage of paints
The fundamental ingredients that are utilized to paint on canvas are the oil paints and the paint brushes, alongside the Canvas Stretcher Frame to support the painting, while the painter is at work. The paint that is used is mostly oil paints, with the blend of linseed (in general), and is regarded as the very best for the texture. The oil paint that’s used will need to be given time to blend among themselves, after which they could be put on the texture. The most essential facet is that the color pigments binds really nicely with the canvas texture and holds onto it for quite a very long moment.