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Popularity of Rivercore residents

Popular project
rivercove residences areconsidered as oneof the latest and executive condominium which is located in the anchorvale lane. This is the project which has become very much popular and it is expected to be launched in the 1stquarter of 2018. There is the strong demand of the hundred palmresidence in these years and when it was launched all of the houses were sold within the short span of 7 hours. Thus it isexpectedthat the Rivercoreresidenceec will also be the new and next big hit in the town and it will also popularas the earlier one.

The site is so attractive that it has gained attraction for more than 16 developers who are biding of the land and it has the highest number. Usually only 6 to 7 developers bid for any nee tender but this one is heights when somanydevelopers bid for its development. The reasonsare the hot demand of the location andthus this project is something which was sold for $240.95 million and it is the joint venture between two developers namely Sunwaydevelopment and the hoi hup realty. As there is supply of the pad sales and it is getting almost none, it is believed that this property will get sold so fast and it is the only one which isavailable in theregion of north east.
The Rivercoreresidences ec location is much popular and thusithas become the apple of eye of people. In this case, e application is compulsory and that also for all the buyers. All those who are willing to buy the executive condominium in the area then they need to fill the e application. It hasprocedurewhichiscompulsory and it isrequired for the developers so that they ca easily assess the eligibility of the buyers.