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How to be prepared for a lawsuit

Lawsuits can be stressful; they can lead to sleepless nights and many anxiety issues. The best way to be prepared is to know what you are fighting against, the better credit blog will have good advice for you to be better prepared for the lawsuit. Do not panic and go through these easy steps which will help you show up on the D-day confident and prepared.

Be on time: – Mostly we try and dismiss the need, it can prove detrimental. It is a proven fact that many times you fall free from the judgments just because you show up on time. The timeliness shows your sincerity against the other party and it works wonders in the justice court. Mostly the attorney of the portfolio recovery firm has more cases to handle and cannot make it in time which gives you an opportunity to ask the case to be dismissed with prejudice.
Ask for personal appearance: – Mostly the firms that handle these cases ask permission to be present via telephone as they do not prefer to fly in or run around to manage so many such cases that they handle. You can object to such demand and ask the court to have orders sent so that everyone including the witness is present in the court. If it has to be a lawsuit then it should be a fair one. Most often than not the witness is not present in the court room which shows that testimony, verifications etc. cannot be made and the case losses it grounds.

There are also solutions like finding a common ground where you pay a lesser amount which should still be considered a win on many levels. It is a good idea to reach that level via mediation so that money and time are not wasted. It is often a preferred choice of the opponent as well for the same reasons.