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Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery – Shocking Results

Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery – Shocking Results are everywhere on the Internet you will find easily. Though Kim is blessed with a good-looking face and hot figure still she has done many plastic surgeries highlight her features. There are many parts of her body, which is not natural at all. Some of the biggest plastic surgeries of hers are like:

Face fillers and surgeries:
She has done a lot of facial surgeries throughout these years. She has done lip surgeries to get fuller and luscious lips. The very after pictures of her baby had born her lips looks fuller than ever. Along with that, she has also done cheeks implants. She has more lifted cheeks now. One more thing she has done in her past is a nose job. It is said that she had a bigger nose before but now she has a sharper one.
Kim Kardashian before and after Plastic Surgery – Shocking Results: Breast implant:
Kim Kardashian before and after Plastic Surgery – Shocking Resultsalso includes her bigger breasts. Many doctors and experts claim many times that she has gone under the knife to implant her breasts too. Kim has spent huge money to implant her breasts to look perfect.
Buttock implant:
There are many kinds of surgeries to get butt implantation. Experts have different opinions about her surgery, as she never discloses that. Many say she took injections to get fuller butt. On the other hand, some claims she has done a fat transfer surgery to get so.

Laser treatments:
She has gone under the knife again to get laser treatments to get rid of extra hairs from her body. Some claims that she has also done a hairline surgery to get a perfect and neater hairline. Sometimes in Kim Kardashian before and after Plastic Surgery – Shocking Resultsshows her flawless laser treated skins too.

Proof of Christie Brinkley’s Plastic Surgery

Unlike most of the stars that undergo facial and other plastic surgeries to hide the aging, Christie Brinkley is frank enough to admit the procedures she has gone through to keep her looks youthful and happening and This is the proof that Christie Brinkley has had facelft. She talked about the Botox and the Fillers that she got injected into her facial parts and openly mentioned the Facelift procedure for lifting her face. No more important proof can be there than the model herself talking about the surgeries and procedure she has undergone in many interviews and videos.

Lifestyle of the hot Blonde:
The model is in her 60’s and still she manages to have an attractive face and charming personality. She openly shares her healthy diet, exercise, injections, fillers, and a variety of treatments that have resulted into her young looks. Even in her interviews and videos she provides some really useful tips in caring for skin, face and hair which cones out of knowledge and experience. She pairs regular exercise with a diet rich in healthy food, the typical model lifestyle which is not easy to follow when you are in your 60’s.

Malfunctions and Injuries:
Christie has been very clear about all the surgical procedures being more trial and error than anything. She shared her experience of getting Botox injected into her forehead which turned into disaster. Trials were made before she finally got feeling that her face and neck were not overdone and appear better. She even talked about several injuries that had great impact on her lifestyle which includes major hip replacement and shoulder injury.

No doubt the model has tried different procedures and has undergone different surgeries to get the perfect results, this is the reason she has thoughts and comparison among different types. She mentioned that she prefers skin-tightening procedures that use radio frequency waves instead of surgical treatment.