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Clutch discs of the Sachs performance clutch

Sachs clutch is the most demanding component which is used for the normal as well as racing cars. The best part of their clutch is that it is possible to compile the clutch for your specific needs. In order to compile the perfect clutch certain parameter are to be considered. The important factor is the application as it decides the major requirements that are to be placed on the clutch. Some of the other related factors include the vehicle type, installation space and the engine torque.

The solution of the Sachs performance clutch is provided on the basis of these key features. The range of the clutch diameters in the RCS is 115 mm, 184 mm, 140 mm and 200 mm. The friction linings in the clutch are made up with the materials like sintered, sinter pads, carbon and some other organic materials. There are different discs clutches that are offered by the Sachs RCS. It offers the 1, 2, 3 and 4 disc clutches. The individual components can be produced with different material. The Sachs clutches are best as they work perfectly on the clutch diameter. The greater diameter of clutches allows more torque to be transmitted to the clutch. The small clutch diameters allow less mass and inertia. It means that the low mass allows the engine to accelerate and speed up faster.

With the increasing speed, friction increases and if proper measurements are not taken then it results into heating. The clutches can easily accommodate heat and it solely depends on the size of clutch. The larger clutch is able to accommodate more heat and prove to be efficient. The smaller clutches get overheated at the same time. The Sachs clutch kit includes the flywheel, clutch disc, diaphragm spring, etc. the quality at Sachs is assured as all the materials used are of good standards.