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Go for a portable ice maker

To make ice you have to just fill the tray with water and keep it in freezer for 30 minutes, your ice is ready. So whether you are doing it manually or an ice maker in refrigerator does it, they are pretty much same.
In commercial, a perfecticemaker actually does not freeze water completely at a time rather every thin layer of water freezes from inside. So that there will not come any minute cracks and ice stay clear also. But portable ice maker does different job. Instead of, this ice maker will freeze the water instantly not taking much time for complete batch of ice.

• First water is filled into the reservoir of ice maker, up to marked line. As these are portable ice makers, so there is no connection with water line, you need to fill it manually. Pour the water directly into the bucket, faucet or jug.
• Then water gets pumped through a hole into the reservoir freeze tray that comes at the top of sonic ice maker.
• When the refrigeration cycle will begin, half of the heat exchanger gets lowered into freeze tray with water. This result in ice making quickly and ice will begin to form within few minutes.
• Size of ice cubes will be depending on duration of prongs in water. If longer the cycle means ice cubes will be thicker. A small ice piece will take some 6 minutes. The freezing time can vary by ambient temperature and duration of working of unit.
• When sonic ice reaches its proper size, the freezing tray will empty out remaining water and it goes to the reservoir. On the same time, its heat exchanger will reserve it and spikes will heat up so that ice pieces slides off to the prong. Finally, it tumbles into the basket.