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Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana in Canada without any Restrictions?

It is a serious offense to bring marijuana drug across borders as the laws in every country differ for the use of marijuana. The rules established by each country is different, and the responsibility of Canadians is to follow the laws of Canada. In the year 1923 use of marijuana was totally banned, and in response to the prevalentopinion, it becomes legal. It is very important that marijuana is purchased from medical marijuana Canada companies that are reliable and licensed producers.

Therapeutic uses
The therapeutic use of marijuana in Canada includes for health conditions like AIDS, chronic pain, Cachexia, seizures, migraines, persistent muscle spasms, cancer and severe nausea. To register for the Medical marijuana program unit an individual must contact their country program as well as complete an application form. A doctor must write a written documentation of your records and then only can the person who requires the drug mail the form to the public health department. For every patient, the card fee is about $66.
Why Marijuana must be legalized?
The main benefit of the legalization of Marijuana or Cannabis in Canada is that the possessions on criminal penalties have been removed. It is possible to cultivate marijuana at home on written recommendation of a doctor. The other main benefit is that patients suffering from any debilitating illness in places where marijuana has been considered appropriate are provided with legal protection. The patient can possess not more than 8 ounces of dried marijuana.
The Canadian marijuana mainly comprises of an active ingredient THC in it, and that is very effective in treating various health ailments as well as treat neurogenic pain and insomnia. It is of great use in treating irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and migraines. According to recent studies, the active ingredient THC also helps in prevention of deposits of plaques and that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.