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Juicer Reviews on Masticating and Centrifugal Juicers

Slow juicers are considered the best one these days. The reason is very simple, slow juicers reduce the oxidation process and improve the shelf life of the juice. Ordinary juicers are quick that destroys all the nutrients of the juice. Obviously, who will want the juicer that ends the health value of the liquid? Thus, consider the juicer reviews before buying the best machine!

Masticating juicer reviews
Tribest and Omega are the leading brands that sell masticating juicers. Juice is very important for diabetes and cancer patient. It is also important to maintain a healthy life style. What good is the juice that has lost all the nutrition values? A Tribest juicer is slow and safe guards all the nutrients.
The important points to know before buying a masticating juicer
• You can make large batches of juice that stays fresh up to 72 hours.
• The juicer is slow and releases less oxygen. Thus, the juice retrieves the nutritional value.
• The parts of both the brands are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• Both the brands are less noisy considering the other fast juicers.

• The customer juicer reviews also find that it works great with leafy greens.
• Tribest has low rpm than Omega juicers. Thus, Tribest retains the value of the juice more than the omega.
• The warranty in both the brands can go as high as 15 years.
Centrifugal juicer review
The centrifugal juicers are considerably less in demand than the masticating juicers. Breville and Jason are the top two brands leading in centrifugal juicers. Both the juicers work with the speed of lighting. Hence, you can get a glass of juice with a minute. However, the speed reduces the nutrition of the juice and destroys the retention.
You may find the juicer noisy and it may not work well with leafy greens. However, tough veggies and fruits go well with these juicers. According to customer juicer reviews, this juicer is apt for people who are in a hurry and want a better juicer for an affordable price.