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A brief idea about homestay in Malacca and lists

When you want to go to a trip outside your country, then the main issue is a living problem. Mainly there are lots of hotels, resorts, etc. but in foreign these are so costly. So there is another concept, and that is homestay. Mainly you can live for some days in any local home, which you hire, by very some amount of money. This is totally peaceful. You can also live with the original owner of that house. So in the northern Asia there you can get various types of homestay and homestay in Malacca is very much better than others. They are very friendly, and you can get these home by the very small amount of money.

List of homestay in Malacca
Melaka is a small town in Malaysia. If you go there, then you can get lots of this type of homestay. But if you know something about them then you will not face problems after reach there. So the Melaka homestay are:
• Villa ITC – this is very comfortable and bit luxurious homestay. If you enter their site, then you can get details of this homestay. This has 4-bed rooms, 4 air conditions, 4 toilets, etc.
• Homestay awards 3RC – this is another homestay which you can choose for living in Melaka. This is also fabulous and beautiful. This has 3-bed rooms with full air conditioning, iron board with iron, 32 inches LCD TV, hot water bath, etc.
• Villa Desa Idaman – this is another homestay. This is twin two floor, but they are semi-detached. You can get there 4 bedrooms also.
What is alor elephant homestay?
This is another type of homestay where you can get the same type of facilities, but these are not for single tourists.
If you want to travel with your family, then you need some bigger home than a normal homestay. So alor elephant homestay is perfect for those who travel with their families. This homestay is so large and very much comfortable to stay.
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