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Locations where game of thrones was filmed

The whole show of game of thrones have been rated by the people that watch them and by various sites, and it has been discovered that it is rated 9 out of 10. The music in the movie alone is enough to increase the rating, as almost every fan of the movie use the background music as their phone ring tones, there are millions of downloads of the background music by people all over the world. This background music or sound is the one that is played at the beginning of each episode and sometimes at the middle. Talking about the movie itself, it involves various houses fighting for power in order to rule. There is a term often referred to as sigil in the movie. Throughout the movie, sigil is used continuously to represent what each house is, or what they stand for in the movie. The sigil of each house defines how powerful the house is against other houses, it shows the uniqueness of the house. This sigil is more like a logo of a brand or the coat of arms of a particular country in this day. This is what the sigil is similar to.

Of course, it is no longer news that the society today is no more clannish, in the sense that nobody is represented or is characterized by the clan from which he or she emanated from; everyone is now claiming who he or she is individually. Game of thrones season was filmed mostly in Ireland, in a studio called the Belfast, although other locations were used in the movie, locations like Morocco, Croatia, Iceland and Malta were used as backdrops for the movie. Today, GoT is considered to be the series that is most watched on the television screen. The whole movie is said to have been coined out from a novel by George Martin.