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Friozione Sachs performance

The frizione sachs performance are the first selection for demanding the car drivers. There extraordinary guarantees the unforgettable driving experience with limit dynamics especially when the vehicles are upgraded. There are some of the benefits from the top quality combined with the motorsports. They are:

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• Demand: as the sachs performance increases and torque can reach through the chip tuning. This leads to higher strain on the drive circuits, clutch transmission or drive shafts etc. the chip tuned vehicles with turbocharger and supercharger has modified with higher demands. Therefore, the sachs performance clutch has been developed.
• Quality: The Sachs performance clutches are accumulated by offer. This can assure all the times that has the highest quality in clamping load and release characteristics.
• Sachs performance clutch transport more transmittable torque and more stability, also has longer life span and superior thermal resistance.
Frizione Sachs- applications and materials
The frizione Sachs include some typical application:
• The Sachs has modified the tuning, turbocharger and supercharger.
• The fly wheels has ¼ mile race.
• There is a facility build for racing of vehicles called as race circuit or race track.
• Rally: The long distance race for motor vehicles over the public roads.
Materials: frizione sach linings are subjected to several rubbing. Therefore, the lining materials have some conditions:

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• Fricition under operating conditions are relatively high co-efficient
• The friction properties are maintained in working file
• In shorter period of time there is absorption of high energy.
• Withstands the high pressure compressive loads.
Know about frizione sportiva
The Frizione sportiva is a mechanical device which enables and disables the two rotating shafts. The sports clutch is the best quality manufacturer. There parts are easily understandable and supplies the excellent in operating cost. The main thing for manufacturing is shipping the component of the customers worldwide.