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The best review to Firefly 2 vaporizer: A light weight vaporizer

Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of the best vaporizer available in the market. This vaporizer has taken an amazing place in the youngsters who love e-cig and look for the modernized ways to smoke. E-cig or vape is one of the best ways to smoke as the liquid that is used in the e-cig is not only good for health, but it gives a pleasant smell and good taste. But Firefly 2 is different because this vape uses the dry herb that is burnt at the different temperature to give different size fuming clouds in the end.

In this article, we are trying to let you know why Firefly 2 can be your first choice. Based on the reviews presented at the websites like http://e-cigarettepros.com/review/firefly-2/ we have pointed out some of the amazing facts that you will love about Firefly 2. People can look at the points stated below:
1. It is the unique design and the portable size that make it one of the best choices for the people. It is not only smaller in size but lighter in weight as well. These two factors make it easy to be taken from one place to another.
2. It is the conduction and the convection feature that work together so that the vaporizer can provide you with the efficient performance.
3. Depending on the six different levels of temperature it can provide you with the different set of smoke clouds. It should be tuned on at the temperature of the medium-high level, but if you want the biggest cloud, then the high temperature is what needed.
4. All the temperature have different color indications visible in the small LED bulb attached on the top of the vaporizer.
5. Finally, it is the smart Firefly 2 app that connects it to your smartphone and makes your smoking experience fun.

Firefly 2 Concentrates Review

Here We Are planning to discuss the Firefly 2 vaporizer that is newest and the way that it may be used to vape all kinds of concentrates from liquid to oils and waxes. The firefly 2 vaporizer is an herb vaporizer that is dry but is provided with 3 concentrate pads at the same time. The firefly 2 is certainly going to show one of the most effective mobile convection vaporizers.

The way to make use of the Firefly 2 Convection Vaporizer with concentrates
With concentrates first thing you have to do to use 2 is to download the App if you haven’t yet. When you’ve got the Program loaded then click underneath Heat Profile settings the Concentrates option. This can set the firefly up so that its max working temperature is appropriate for your concentrates.

Next, insert the Firefly2 focus pad in to the camber of the vape. Then put in a dab of your concentrate on to the pad and shut the lid. In the event that you are using a concentrate that is heavier just like a wax that’s much more business then you will need to take several draws in the Firefly to bring the warmth in to the chamber and make it possible for the wax to melt down in to the stainless steel pad. Once its spread via the concentrate pad afterward on the next draw and melted down in you’ll begin to find out vapor that is observable. From my experience it could take 1-3 ten second draws to get the unit up to generating and temp vapor. However, it is worth the wait!

Once you have got the unit creating and warm concentrates you could think you have died and gone to paradise! The firefly 2 vaporizer creates vapor that is amazingly flavorful from concentrates which is delicious and really smooth. With regards to the quantity of wax you have put in until there’s none left to the pad you will end up in a position to keep on taking rather several draws. Its best to place in small numbers like you place too much it will build up plenty of deposits in the chamber as well as in the concentrate pad.