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Self-adjust technology of Embrague Sachs

Clutch is the most important part which can be used in a vehicle. The embrague sachs (Clutch sachs) are most popular amongst the clutch and they posses some unique features which attract the customers to buy them. The major one is the proprietary protection that is provided. The application is the sealant is done in order to adjust the ring mechanism from the dirt, intrusion, contaminants and the worn facing material. Thus the clutch adjustments become easy and accurate at the same time.

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The 29 lug adjustment is provided in the Embrague reforzado which is used for adjusting the ring and it provides the easiest and the precise means for the bearing adjustment. The feature ensures that the clutch life increases. The diaphragm spring is used in the Embrague reforzado Sachs which promotes the uniform plate pressure thus easing the pedal effort. The clutch life is enhanced and it also provides the comfort to the driver. There are some moving parts and some wear points which ensures that the reliability is maintained. The Twin XtendTM has some value. When the lowest cost is paramount, the self adjust twin XtendTM becomes ready to perform the job.
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Technology used
The self adjust technology of the Embrague Sachs performance is simple and robust at the same time thus the automatic adjustments for the clutch wear are done without any downtime or the labor. There are some of the aftermarket clutches which lose the adjustment capacity and thus they are installed in the vehicles with the flywheel. In some of the case this loss can be around 25%. It was designed to get the 100% capacity in all the application whether it is new or aftermarket. The diaphragm spring used into it promotes the uniformed plate pressure. It is lightweight as compared to the competitor clutch that era developed.