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Read comics online

Innow days we see that book reading is compulsory because we say books are best friend for humans. In Japan and china children are reading comics but in India there is no comic reading because china and Japan have worker that can make these types of comics but in India we do not have theses type of workers. We can get only from online or we can read online there are web sites examples online manga. On that online web site we have top 25 comics online which we can read.
When we read manga we come to know how comics are made because when comics are made it has lots of efforts to make first the need the story seconds he wants a lots of pages then he writes the story then he gives to the editor and waits for it because if editor like it or don’t like it then it goes to the printing press then it will take about 1 day to make comic then it will go in to the market and then he didn’t know even people like it or not. If people likes it then I think its efforts are not waste but if people don’t like it he never get upset he tries again and make a best comic ever made that’s how there is a lots of efforts.
But in online comics there are not much efforts because there is creative team is there because the creative team is very professionally trained. They know how the comics are made that is why online comics. If we search a comics store there is one store called manga. We can read Mangawhich have lot of variety of comic’s example new release comics and if you see there is 2 month ago comics are there.