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Block Websites on a Specific Browser.

There are many reasons to block websites. Some websites contain a virus and harmful content. When a user clicks on the link to the website virus enters in the user’s computer. Virus automatically starts spreading and infects other data and files present on the computer. To be safe from this kind of threat user need to Block Websites of this kind. Blocking Website is the best way to be protected from hackers and intruders. One should know How to block a website. There are many ways of website blocking. Website blocking can be done on a specific browser, entire OS, or on the router network. Among all the method of Website Blocking, blocking at specific browser level is very simple. Blocking website at browser level is simple, fast and easiest way. Different methods are followed to block a site on different browsers.

Steps to block a website on Internet Explorer:
• Open the browser and go to Internet tool option.
• After that choose Security tab and there choose red restricted sites based icon. There click site button which is present below the icon.
• In the popup, manually write the website URL one by one you want to block. Click Add after writing the name of each site.
• When done click close and click Ok.
• Now, these sites are blocked and if a user clicks these sites link by mistake Internet Explorer gives a warning message.
Taking precautions is the best way to get protected from the attackers and hackers. Sometime Hacker uses this technique to hack someone personal system and steal information. They send website link by email or any method when a user clicks it they start their procedure. block websites does not require any qualification or professional skills. It is very simple and easy. There are many tutorial and videos available on the internet that teaches to How to block a website.