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Attack on Titan Review

It’s been a hundred years simply because they seemed. The creatures that drove humanity to the point of extinction. Those creatures that understand nothing but killing. We understand nothing about them. We do not understand why they’re here. Our only expectation is to pull together. We’ve got to create a stand. Walls. Walls will hold them. I fear the day that people have to fall behind walls and hide. Behind the walls is survival, but behind the walls we live like cows. Behind the walls we have been safe from them. Those matters who is name we dread… Titans.

Not bad, right? Our anime plop into a world where humanity is virtually hunted to extinction by humanoid creatures known as titans. No one knows the reason why they’re here or where they came from, however they can be fatal. The most proficient combatants of even world will not be sufficient to stop them. The single option world had been to construct walls. Towering walls. World joined together in their time of anguish, constructing huge walls to keep out the demonic titans. The walls held. It got to the stage where the necessity was doubted by civilians within the walls for a military, they doubted the need to attempt to take back property in the titans. All it took was the day when the icon titan towered on the wall, one day. Not a soul could conceal from its gaze. Why they need to worry the titans with one kick, he reminded world.

During the time of this, our principal characters (Erin, Armin, and Mikasa), are only children. They watched in terror as titans flooded their home. As the military neglected to safeguard the individuals, they fled. Erin Watch the terror of his mom as he ran away, becoming bitten in half. Erin vows to kill every last titan after safely arriving in the next wall. All three of our principal characters join the military, the moment they’re of age. You can find more information and watch latest attack on titan season 2 shows at this site.