Student Blogs This Week – Poetry and Drama, High School Excitement, and More

Our student bloggers write about how they’re coping with the current global health crisis, provide insight into their school’s performing arts programs, share their thoughts on the latest theater news, and much more.

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Student Blog: From China to Broadway – Yaya’s Stories

Student blogger: Rosanna Gao, with contributions from Annissa Gao.

Excerpt: Yaya Wang is a theater producer, hostess and CEO of a youth arts academy. She recently immigrated to the United States and produced the off-Broadway hit The Little Match Girl. Yaya used to host the “Yaya Show” in China and was a TV broadcaster. She is committed to using citizen art for social change and empathy.

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BWW Blog: WandaVision and an acting education helped me come to terms with my autism.  But not in the way you might think.Student blog: WandaVision and acting training helped me come to terms with my autism. But not in the way you might think.

Student blogger: Bea Mienik

Excerpt: The more I learned about autism, the more I wanted to help the autism community, especially because there is so little representation of autism in media and art. I wrote a long article that proposed that vested interests are the key to directing neurodivergent actors. Autistic people are experts in their particular interests, and using specific parts of their particular interests as a reference allows for a clear understanding of what is being asked. The step-by-step process is already completed by recalling a subject where knowledge is already possessed. I used WandaVision as an example and explained how my method would work.

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Student Blog: How Poetry Reignited My Love for TheaterStudent Blog: How Poetry Reignited My Love for Theater

Student blogger: George Concannon

Excerpt: Without my little poem, I wouldn’t get up very early on Tuesdays to stretch before putting on a neutral mask… I wouldn’t be about to stage a show! I would be fine, but not happy, not satisfied with what I did in college. Nothing I do feels like a chore, and I couldn’t be happier now.

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Student blog: Hello, senior yearStudent blog: Hello, senior year

Student blogger: Silvana Flores

Excerpt: This year won’t be easy, but I’m sure it will be great. If you’re a senior, congratulations, we’re almost done, but we still have ten months to go, and if you’re not, you’re in luck, write your own story and enjoy every minute.

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Student blog: Bringing a fairy tale to lifeStudent blog: Bringing a fairy tale to life

Student blogger: Rebecca Goldfarb

Excerpt: Before discovering my passion for the stage, at three years old, I used to find my family’s Cinderella VHS tape. The film was on our television daily, and I sang and danced to it. Eighteen years later, I got to play the princess herself in Plaza Theatricals’ production of Cinderella in early 2022. What’s even more exciting is that we’ll be having more performances throughout the May.

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