Stafford International School’s Humaid Saleem Wins Full Harvard University Scholarship

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Stafford International School (SIS) Chief Warden Humaid Saleem has been offered a full scholarship from Harvard University, a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a research university and not-for-profit institution, Harvard strives to create educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and is one of the most sought-after college destinations for even the brightest students.

Spanning over four centuries, the university has ten academic faculties and has three main campuses. Humaid’s acceptance into such a prestigious university brings both honor and pride to SIS.

Humaid considered himself an introvert when he started at Stafford in Year 2. According to him, after joining the Colombo Gavel Club in 6th grade, he decided he should join the Stafford Debating Society, which in his words, “skyrocketed his life in Stafford”.

He says the debate “opened up new worlds”, allowing him to express his opinions and views with confidence. He says the move got people talking, something he looked forward to – forcing him to go from introverted to extroverted in the span of two years.

Her sudden success in debating had a positive effect on her grades – Humaid developed a great interest in her studies and found herself excelling in winning prizes in Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, History , geography and commerce at annual award ceremonies.

Humaid credits most of her personal success to Stafford. “The safe and inclusive environment at SIS makes the school very different from others. The relationships I had at school, from support staff to teachers, made my experience at SIS fruitful,” he said. he declares.

Humaid is currently a member of the Sri Lanka National Team for the World School Debating Championship 2021-2022. With the team, he emerged as a runner-up in the Hong Kong Schools Debating Championship and he was named the tournament’s “best speaker”.

Humaid reiterated that the school has supported and guided him throughout his debate journey. “It was the confidence I gained at Stafford that was the only reason I applied for this National Debate in Sri Lanka. Undeniably, the opportunities given to me at SIS enabled me to debate for Sri Lanka,” he said convincingly.

His oratorical prowess was not limited only to his debates. In 2021, Humaid served as the Chairman of the United Nations Human Rights Council at Sri Lanka Model United Nations.

All of this, according to Humaid, would not have been possible without the support and guidance given to him by the school and its staff who ensured that he had the best framework to debate and obtained the extra support he needed. needed for his studies.

Besides his obvious success in extracurriculars, Humaid is an outstanding student, SIS said. He scored 8A* on the Cambridge O/Level international exam in 2020 and has continued to perform well at his advanced levels.

“It’s no wonder he was one of three students to get a full scholarship from Harvard University in Sri Lanka,” SIS added.

Humaid thinks the most endearing quality of SIS is that he “never gave up on it.”

“The academic advising team guided me on what I needed to do, and the school invested a lot of resources to make my essays nearly perfect! I’m super grateful for that, and owe a lot of my getting into Harvard at school,” he said. Currently, Humaid is undecided about what he wants to do at Harvard. When asked further about it, Humaid responded by saying, “At a Ivy League, you don’t have to decide your major in the first two years, so I can explore a variety of areas.In four years, I need 32 course credits to graduate. Twenty of them have to be engineering courses, although I don’t know what I want to do, I pretty much know it will be STEM.

“The rest of the remaining twelve classes, I can do whatever I want. I’m mandated to take two courses in literary writing and want to check out Harvard Law – it’s a hot course. I can study a variety of fields because the goal of a liberal arts education is to make you a complete person. Although I plan to major in engineering at some point, I’m leaning towards mechanics – I’ll be exploring a variety of fields as well. I’m incredibly excited about this.

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