Sister movies of the walking dead

According to some people, to them the season 2 of the walking dead, was not too good, but as the immediate season 3 came out, they were so surprised at the way the movie engaged the people, the season three of this movie pulled a lot of crowd and had little criticism from people. From season two of the movie, in broad strokes, the heroes came back to United States of America only to be attacked by the military that opened fire on Nick, and all his own people at the end of the movie, that was season two. The militia that attacked Nick and all of his family were led by Otto family. The Otto family has in it a Father and two sons that are grown-ups. The role of Jeremiah Otto was played by the actor Dayton Callie that acted in the movie Deadwood fame and sons of anarchy.

There are a group of survivalist bunch around, in what was presumably Arizona (Southern), people have written and said that this was a bunch that was timely enough, because the characters are somewhat interesting and ne, but in some ways, they are complex. One thing that was hoped about them is the fact that they should not be killed instantly in a bid to make sure that their conflicts are quickly resolved. Just like sons of anarchy, this movie also teaches on conflict management as to how people can peacefully manage conflict without hurting any other party. Walking dead season has a lot of sister movies that are more like it, one of them is Fear the walking dead, and another is sons of anarchy, these two have so many things similar to the walking dead. Seasons of walking dead have been produced, and all have been found to be dubbed by various people online.

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