Should employers hire part-time or full-time maids?

A homeowner can either hire a part-time or a full-time foreign domestic helper(外傭). This will mostly depend on the employer’s budget and the duties the maid will perform. Traditionally, homeowners used to employ full-time maids. This tradition is still going on today since many maids stay at their employers’ residences. However, it is now very common to find employers hiring part-time maids who can work on chores like house cleaning and laundry as well as taking care of children during the day. Other chores, which maids mostly do such as cooking, are shared between the employer and the maid.

Part-time maids are very popular today due to the fact that labor laws have been changing and have seen salaries for full-time maids increasing sharply. Some employers also employ maids for a short period of time such as one week when the family is away or six months to help a family take care of a new born baby. For any employer, deciding on whether they should hire a part-time or full-time maid should not be difficult. An employer must do a self-assessment first in order to make the right choice before proceeding to look for a maid from a maid agency (女傭).
One factor that should help an employer decide whether to hire a part-time or full-time maid is accommodation and upkeep. Traditionally, full-time maids have always relied on their employers to provide accommodation, upkeep, and food. Therefore, an employer will have to consider the different costs that are associated with housing an extra person. However, if an employer cannot provide food, accommodation, and personal effects, then the employer should not hire a full-time (菲傭) Filipino maid but a part-time maid. Accommodation and upkeep can be expensive in the long run, and the costs must be considered together with the maid’s monthly salary.

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