Ronnie Screwvala to Share Life Lessons in New Book

Film producer Ronnie Screwvala will share stories, failures and personal learnings from his career in his new book, aiming to draw the curtain on the professional world to give an insider’s perspective on sought-after ‘invisible’ skills. recognized by global companies, top recruiters and top CEOs.

Skill It, Kill It: Struggles, Sacrifices, and Success in Your Life and Career, published by Penguin Random House, is slated for release in July.
Screwvala says it’s not a self-help book. “The aim of this book is to lift the veil on the professional world to give you a glimpse of the ‘invisible’ skills sought and rewarded by global companies, top recruiters and top CEOs. The way I have chosen to do this is to share stories, failures and personal learnings from my career and what I have observed around me.

Before writing the book, he says he interviewed and spoke in focus groups with nearly 1,000 active professionals across the country, and the big questions and concerns that arose were related to the need for vocational guidance, help with general skills, priority management. and the weather better, and the need for inspiration.

He says he tried to cover all of this and more in the book.

“We are on the verge of a drastic shift in the workforce that will bring unprecedented changes in career paths. Every job, every role will require a change. Change will require new learning. Sales jobs will no longer be about giving presentations or pitching but understanding data, lead generation and conversions, marketing will not be about sending mature messages, but knowing where to find first your elusive customer then to communicate with the maximum clutter around them, ”he writes.

Complementing professional expertise with stronger soft skills is where one can shine above the crowd, he thinks.

“Developing and refining your soft skills will put you in the fast lane and allow you to stand out from the crowd, gain confidence and move forward. The skills will give you extra power beyond your degree and area of ​​knowledge (which everyone already has access to), ”he says.

In the book, Screwvala introduces readers to real people who have learned life skills on their own. The point is: if they can do it, so can you.
The author gives insights, wisdom, tips and secrets on soft skills that will keep you strong, confident, and on a path of steady growth, no matter the headwinds of global change.

“The reason why it is so crucial to acquire soft skills is that they are your best protection against the blinding speed and ferocity of change that industries and global markets will experience in the 2020s and 2030s. The answer appropriate to change is never fear, but preparation and focus.

“If you constantly improve your knowledge and skills through lifelong learning, you will be relevant, forward-thinking and on top of the latest advancements in your industry and specialization. It puts you in a solid career position, ”he says.

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