Release of the book Caste, Class and Gender in Modern Indian Literature

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Dr Prachi Priyanka publishes his book “Caste, Class and Gender in Modern Indian Literature” at the International Conference on “Literature and Transdisciplinarity” organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sharda University on 18e September 2021. The book was published in the presence of Dr Anviti Gupta, Associate Dean and Professor of Psychology and Dr Pramod Kumar, Associate Professor and Head of Department, English who commended Dr Prachi for his hard work and commitment to academics. Dr Prachi thanked all teachers, friends, colleagues and students for their warmth and support. She dedicated the book to all of her students. Addressing them in her speech, she said: “It is thanks to you students that this book has been able to take shape. Your questions and new ways of looking at things gave new perspectives to the whole discussion – that’s how new thoughts emerge! She later explained that the book explores the intersectional aspects of caste, class and gender in India that contribute to the multiple marginalities and oppressions of lower castes, with particular reference to Dalits, Muslims and women. It examines their daily realities in and across various social and political contexts – education systems, union communities and representational politics. Make reference to iconic works of Indian literature such as that of Mahasweta Devi Breast stories, Ismat Chughtai Lihaaf and Amrita Pritam’s Pinjar among others – the book attempts an engaging discourse on the issues of Dalits, women, tribes and disadvantaged sections of society. It specifically examines how caste, class and gender work inextricably to strengthen patriarchy and perpetuate inequalities through the institutionalization of roles designed for women, which manifest in modern forms. When asked why another book on caste, Dr Prachi replied, “Dr Ambedkar said that caste is a notion, a state of mind. And therefore, we need more books that can awaken and stimulate our thinking and work to bring about a change in mindsets, and in turn, in society. And so, for all those who believe in the power of literature and strive for equality in all aspects, it becomes imperative for us to tackle the issue of caste, class and gender, as it continues. unfortunately to marginalize and dehumanize contemporary India. The book is published by Authorspress and is available on Amazon. Dr Prachi is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Sharda University, Greater Noida.

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