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What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of poetry? Shakespeare? sonnets? Rhythm? Art? Maybe nothing. It’s no secret that this form of literature is not for everyone. People see it as a “foreign language” or a strange hobby. For this reason, those gifted with the ability to write and create something as beautiful as a poem may have nowhere to turn and are forced to hide their work, which could lead to the end of their poetry. However, the Oneonta community still has its doors open for anyone to express and explore their talent without judgment. With this, the Poetry Slam was born. This loud, wacky and fun event celebrates poetry and its poets in the best possible light.

“We are at a Poetry Slam event, and unlike any art form that provokes or inspires thought and emotion, we will be refreshing honest. October 6 marked the 176th Poetry Slam at Oneonta. The event opened with Robb Thibault, who was the PSA President’s guest host that evening, enthusiastically welcoming the audience. Thibault informed members that this event was free to write any poem, some of which included racism, sexism, love, college life, mental illness, etc.

Like all Poetry Slams, this one had a very special guest. The feature film of the evening was Jovic Poetic, a man of many talents and success. Brooklyn, NY based writer, organizer and educator. Poetic became the first recipient of the John Morning Award for Art and Service, founder of Insurgent Poets Society, Carnival Slam, Cultural Exchange, and co-founder of The Brooklyn Poetry Slam. His work was featured in season four of TV Lexus Verse and Flow and it’s been on PBS News. Jovic Poetic came to us live from his house with only one intention: to see poetry and have fun. His four poems surrounded racism, hardship and the beauty of life that moved viewers. Some felt sadness, others felt hope, and others felt inspired.

Afterwards, the official Poetry Slam began. Members who wished to participate wrote their name on a piece of paper and placed it in a glass bowl for selection. Then, three judges were chosen by Robb Thibault himself to listen to and rate each poem from 0.0 to 10.0. However, the audience members were more of the judges than the real ones. The public response has been positive, with everyone applauding the candidates’ work.

“I have been involved since fall 2012, it was my first year as a student, although I had participated in a Slam the previous semester. My sister was a student here and she loved coming to Slams, she brought me to one and I fell in love. This is why I came to this college. So I was part of the team for two years, then I started coaching the team, and I’ve been involved in that capacity ever since. Last year, when everything was virtual, I hosted most of the Slams in the comfort of my room, ”says Justine Bishop, a former Oneonta. When asked where she sees the future with her involvement, she replied, “I’m currently finishing my masters because I want students who take this program to get the credit they deserve for it. The students who were part of this Slam team spent about four hours, six hours per week in face-to-face meetings, plus the time they took to write and edit themselves. And the time they take to memorize and play. I give them homework, we have structured classes, they have great events throughout like homework like they deserve real credit for the class. So I’m trying to become a teacher so that I can give the students the credit they deserve to be here and to work. ”

Oneonta’s 177th Poetry Slam will take place on October 20 at 7 p.m. But that’s not all, Oneonta also has a Poetry Slam association at work. Their meetings take place on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Leatherstocking Room at Hunt Union. They all hope to see you there!

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