Poetry Slam at Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company Brings “Powerful Revelations”

A “Poetry Slam” hosted by the San Carlos Community Foundation on November 19 at Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company saw 24 poets and storytellers share their experiences with prejudice and bullying in line with the Bay Area United Against Hate movement .

The Poetry Slam contestants competed for a prize of $ 1,500 for the non-profit organization of their choice. The three winners who emerged victorious based on the audience’s applause are as follows: We solemnly promise not to hate by the Sequoia High School Black Student Union (Amra, Lydia, Paris, Jada, Maya, Mia and Akiyla), whose prize will benefit the Black Students of California United (BSCU); Ain’t that what you wanted by the Charter of San Carlos 8e graders Leila Berman, Maisie Street, Kylie Ho, Hannah McAffee and Sabrina Alvarez, whose award will benefit AAPI Women Lead; and Bring down the crow by Nine-year-old Akaash Kendale, whose award will benefit Khan Academy.

Performers shared their personal stories of being rejected for looking and speaking differently, feared and sued because of their skin color, teased because of their disability, unappreciated because of their age or gender, and harassed for their choice of clothing and appearance, the foundation said in a statement.

“Their powerful revelations have sparked both pain and hope,” added the foundation, which said the families and friends of the nominees joined a swarming crowd of multigenerational community members to support the artists. and “stand united against hatred [and] united for love and acceptance.

The San Carlos Community Foundation aims to create and amplify a sustained and measurable impact for its local community through its philanthropic work, through its website. Learn more here or send an email to [email protected]

All photos courtesy of the San Carlos Community Foundation

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