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FITCHBURG – Two high school students from Fitchburg High School, Julia Boudreau and Axel Cornelio Mota, recently participated in the monthly “Poetry Readaloud” at Wallace Towers, a city residence that is part of the Fitchburg Housing Authority.

Mota, who is bilingual, has read and translated several poems by Chilean author Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize winner, and Mexican Octavio Paz.

“It’s wonderful to have our students participate,” said co-organizer Paula Giaquinto, former deputy superintendent of public schools. “Reading poetry in a group creates a really positive energy. It arouses emotions, paints images and shares ideas that we have seen across cultures, generations and diverse life experiences. It has been both stimulating and enjoyable to seem filled with such a beautiful language and the room filled with such enthusiastic community members who are champions of poetry.

“This series began after conversations with residents over the summer,” said writer Sally Cragin, who started the series. “There was and still is a huge interest in the richness of the language – and we welcome writers who would like to read their own work aloud. Spencer Cat, therapy cat registered with Be PAWSitive Therapy Pets, is also a regular attendee, and members of our audience appreciate her calm presence.

The series is sponsored by the FHA and Swan Hope Press, a micro-publishing house devoted to creating books for children and adults with a portfolio ranging from pets, local history, poetry and fiction. , and topics of local interest. His first book, “The Amazing Adventures of CC Sewercam,” was sponsored by the city’s Department of Public Works.

Fitchburg Housing Authority Executive Director Doug Bushman said of the program, “We were open to this event at FHA. It opens up new activities for our seniors and residents with disabilities. Poetry readings are good for everyone to step away from our cell phones, computers and televisions and breathe in the poetry and richness of life. The FHA cannot thank Sally, Paula and the other volunteers enough for these events.

For more information on the “Poetry Readaloud” and information on how to attend or submit poems, email [email protected] or call or text 978-320-1335.

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