Poetry book examines mental illness through free speech

This book is a small compilation of poems over a brief period of time by Roger Teas.

Sentenced to life in prison, author Roger Teas explores his mental illness and the complexity of his character through his new compilation of poetry.

an era of freedom and self-expression”

— Roger Thes

PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON, USA, Nov. 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In his new book, How the Bones May Fall, author Roger Teas shares his compilation of distinctive poems. Through Cadmus Publishing, Teas has produced written work born from a unique mind and perspective. Drawing on his studies of religion, philosophy and psychology, the author takes the reader on an intriguing journey through his mind.

Encouraged by friends, Teas set out to write these poems as an experiment: an exploration of his own psyche. Having struggled with mental illness for most of his life, Roger offers a rare glimpse into the diversity of his existence, contradicting the narrow portrayal the media has crafted of him. By presenting these works, the author not only allows the reader to contemplate the ideological relationship between mental illness and crimes, but the person beneath both.

Sentenced to life in prison as a newly created adult, the author sought an outlet to examine the confines of his subconscious and its mysteries. Studying religion and philosophical principles alongside questions surrounding the inner workings of his own mind, Roger was able to bring these poems from thought to paper to readers around the world. How the Bones May Fall has “become a tool for measuring the structure of one’s psychology” as well as a fascinating look at a singular human being. This book is not meant to be perfect or pretentious; it is meant to be a raw exam in “an age of freedom and self-expression”. The reader will be drawn to the balance between the book’s public release and its personal, intimate tone. During these pages, one will acquire knowledge in a spirit unlike anything they have encountered before. Teas do not mean to convince or influence the reader, but to intrigue. He only wishes to exercise his right to speak freely and express himself through this art form. How the Bones May Fall is just the beginning. The book is available for purchase at poemeofrogerteas.com or by searching the title on Amazon.com.

About the Author: Roger Teas was born Jason Abbott in Sitka, Alaska. Incarcerated as an immediate adult of 18, he was sentenced to life in prison with a verdict of guilty but mentally ill for murders he did not intend to commit. Writing poetry, studying philosophy and practicing occult religions became his outlet for more than a decade before the publication of his book How the Bones May Fall. He has no official certificates or degrees, but may choose to get one someday. Roger believes that freedom of expression is the greatest of freedoms.

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