Piracy Is Not a Good Experience of Online Viewing

Piracy is the unlawful use or imitation of another’s work and is punishable offence in the eyes of law. Movie piracy is one of the major crimes in internet streaming. Movie piracy is not new and is in practice for past many years when pirated movies were sold in black market in the form of video tapes, CDs, and later DVDs. As high-speed internet promoted online movie viewing, service provides of pirated contents shifted their business from DVDs to streamed and downloadable movies because it was more convenient and fast to share contents on live servers in the digital form.

Avoid watching pirated contents

You don’t think of subscribing a paid channel to watch your favorite movies or TV shows when you can download without any charge from a torrent site. Like, many other sites stream pirated movies and TV shows on their site. There was a recent instance of project free tv which was found suspect of piracy and went off the internet without intimation to its illegal subscribers. There are many other illegal websites that use piracy in their contents. You can’t take this content as an authorization and such streaming can be adverse for you due to the following reasons.

• This is an illegal activity and you always carry a risk of fines or punishment for violation of the law.

• Pirated streaming carries a risk of virus exposure and potential damage to your computer system.

• The quality of pirated content may not be as good as genuine content.

• You get pop-up ads and other exasperations with pirated contents.

The case of project free tv was not a small issue and it is still off the web. You can never have trustworthiness for these locations for your online movie viewing.

What you conclude

You learn from the case of project free tv. Online movies watching can be entertaining and safe if you receive them through streaming sites that are licensed to stream them live. Make your online viewing a good experience of present, but not an adverse of future.

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