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PESHAWAR: Scholars and scholars gathered here on Friday to express their views on a new title in Pashto, “Da Swat Pakhto Adab auo Saqafat” (Pashtun Literature and Culture of Swat), written by Professor Mohammad Ali Dinakhel.

The book launching ceremony was held here under the auspices of Pohantoon Adabi Stori at Khyber Union Hall at Islamia College Peshawar.

The speakers, while discussing various sections of the book, called it a must-read for researchers and readers in general, as it gave an in-depth look at the hidden treasures of the Swat Valley from different time periods.

“The rulers of the princely state have sponsored artists, musicians and scholars to promote peace, mutual respect and goodwill in the valley,” they said.

They said that poets, writers and artists have made a huge contribution to Pashtun language and art.

They said the author had researched the history, art, culture and literature which flourished when the Swat Valley, then “the state”, was controlled by rulers, followed by its merger with Pakistan in 1969, especially when the princely state adopted “pashto” as its official language.

Presiding over the event, Prof. Abaseen Yousafzai said the new book, spread over 803 pages, left out no unguarded areas of even little importance to public life in the Swat Valley.

He said the author had gathered valuable information on the art, history, literary trends and cultural and social traditions governing public life in the region.

Professor Dinakhel, author of the book, said his aim was to provide authentic information to researchers, adding that Swat had enjoyed a rich literary and cultural background since Alexander’s arrival (327 BC) in the valley. He said his book has more than seven chapters, each featuring a distinct period.

Professor Izharullah Izhar said that Professor Dinakhel had preserved a precious treasure that would benefit not only casual readers but also those interested in knowing the Swat Valley, once the center of Gandhara civilization.

“The book is a fascinating account of the past glory of the Swat Valley. Scholars and artists from Swat continue to contribute to the KP and the country as a whole, ”he commented. Professor Anwar Ali, Tariq Danish and Najeebullah Shadab also spoke on this occasion.

Posted in Dawn, le 4 December 2021

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