Park City Miners’ Day Used Book Sale – Reduced to 2 Days

Given the very great success of the sale of second-hand books over the past 4e July holiday, the Friends of the Park City Library shortens the traditional Miners’ Day Sale from three days to two. A board member of Friends Jean Daly says they will see how three sales a year work from 2023.

“So we decided to try a new format. And that we were going to have three sales a year — smaller, two days, and let’s see how that works out for us. We thought you know, one of the things is going to be giving the community the opportunity to come to the library and buy books three times a year. So this one, of course, is this Sunday and this Monday, but then we’re going to have one in the winter. So it will be a whole new audience in winter. And so, we’re really excited about that. Well, I hope it will work.

Friends have not yet set a date for the winter sales.

Friends board member Marlene Peacock said the Miners’ Day sale will start at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon is our members’ preview,” Peacock said. “It’s for members only. But you can certainly come and become a member in advance. And what this does for you is that you first choose the first sight of the books before the public enters. Then, from noon to four, the general public is welcome. Then on Monday from 10 to 2, the general public is welcome. Next, two to four, is our Happy Hour Bookbag, which means the general public is invited to fill one of our $15 bookbags and stuff it as high in that bag as possible.

Tickets for this year’s Authors’ Luncheon will also be available at the book sale. This year’s event will take place on October 19 at Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley.

And we’re really excited about that this year. We have a big hit for a very small town, the little Friends of the Library. We have John Branch. It is a national bestseller. He works for the New York Times. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner. So we’re thrilled he’s coming because you know, it’s just awesome for us.

Used book sales fetch between $4,000 and $8,000 each. The funds are used to pay for unbudgeted items at the library, including staff professional development, equipment for the toboggan run and library grounds, as well as to financially support the teen center.

You can find the link to purchase a membership or an author’s lunch ticket in the web version of this story at

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