PAM SS22 Poetry and Motion Collection Release Info

Melbourne-based PAM, Perks and Mini, founded by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenback, have released their Spring/Summer 2022 “Poetry and Motion” collection.

The latest collection is inspired by poetry, primarily Basho’s haiku, which Shauna and Misha read during lockdown, which explains the clothes adorned with embroidered poems. Syllables that speak deeply of connection with nature manifested in the image of a couple walking in nature. Thus came the accompanying “motion” concept and the range’s corresponding performance fabrics, progressive graphics and wonky lines. The clothes also see watercolors by artist Emma Kohlmann. Together, these ideas gave birth to M4RPI, a character that moves through the dreamscape imagined by PAM

The figuratively patterned range includes a velor top and flared pants, convertible pants and shorts with removable panels, long and cropped sleeve polo shirts, high neck tops and dresses, microgrid jackets, and more . In addition, accessories such as handmade crochet clutches by Parisian brand par ciel, PAM Spiral items such as earrings and a baseball cap, key rings and necklaces are among the offerings of this season.

The PAM SS22 Poetry and Motion collection is now available in the official online store and stockists worldwide.

In case you missed it, Human Made released their “DOG” capsule and reversible jacket among the new releases on HBX.

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