New poet laureates for Stamford

To mark the 10th anniversary of Stamford having its own Poet Laureate, this year not one – but two – popular poets have been nominated.

Following a selection process, the town’s mayor, David Taylor, outgoing laureate Rob Ellks and South Kesteven District Council arts program manager, Karen Burrows, chose Scott Coe as Stamford’s new laureate.

They also named Daniel Paice Stamford’s first Youth Laureate in a bid to encourage younger audiences to pick up a pen and write.

Daniel Paice, Stamford Youth Poet Laureate

The two winners will work side by side, with Scott writing poems for the traditional civic role and Daniel working in an outreach role with schools and youth groups.

Throughout the year, the new Poet Laureate will work with the Stamford Arts Center and in the community to support the poetry scene and help keep writing a part of city life. Scott’s first official line-up took place at the Mayor’s Ceremony at Stamford Town Hall last Thursday.

He said, “I look forward to helping grow and supporting the local poetry scene as well as the local creative community.”

Scott Coe, Stamford's new Poet Laureate.  Photo: Tony Nero
Scott Coe, Stamford’s new Poet Laureate. Photo: Tony Nero

Daniel, 19, added: “To be nominated is an absolute honor, and a bit surreal, to become the first winner of children’s poetry.

“My goal is to show young people that poetry can be a creative outlet accessible to everyone.

“It’s time to show that young people and people with disabilities can achieve great things.”

Poetry is thriving in Stamford, where the town’s arts centre, run by South Kesteven District Council, supports poetry and spoken word, bringing some of the biggest names to perform.

Visitors can also take part in the regular Pint of Poetry event where anyone can perform. It usually takes place on the last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at The Gallery, Stamford Arts Centre.

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