My Hero Academia Theory Sets Up Everything For Its Poetic Downfall

my hero academia is in the throes of its final war arc, and for the first time since the series began, we may have our first clue as to how villainous overlord All For One will meet its final downfall. Many fans always thought it was Izuku Midoriya and/or All Might’s fate to bring down All for One, but thanks to the latest My Hero Academia manga chapter, it seems more likely that whoever defeats All For One will be… himself.

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

In My Hero Academia Chapter 355, the team of professional heroes focus on their main objective in the final war: to stop All For One, once and for all. All Might’s ambitious Divide and Rule plan put All For One on a battlefield against top professional heroes Hawks and Endeavor – but the heroes’ best soldiers still weren’t enough.

Hawks and Endeavor needed a last minute save from Class 1-A’s Fumikage Tokoyami and Kyoka Jiro. During this rescue, Jiro revealed a power greater than anyone expected: the young hero’s sonic powers were turned against All For One, and instead of doing physical damage, Jiro’s powers awakened the souls of the oddities that All For One had stolen and stored. inside himself. Suddenly, the AFO armada of stolen oddities looks like the key to the big bad guy’s downfall!

It would certainly be poetic: the character of All For One was defined by the horror he caused by tracking down and stealing the power of weird users for decades, turning their gifts into evil weapons for evil. Thanks to Deku’s history with the One For All power, we’ve learned that Whims are more than just powers – they indeed have traces of the user’s “soul” within them. So the horror that All For One caused never ended for the victims – but now they can find their own justice, rather than having a hero “save” or “aveven” them.

That’s pretty much all the story of My Hero Academia has built from the start: a thematic point that only together, through collective, unified action, can we “save” society. , the world or ourselves. All For One has always been selfish above all else – even his parental bond with Tomura Shigaraki was a joke, as All For One just ultimately wanted to own the young boy’s body for himself. During this time, Izuku had to learn and understand that stopping the villains is not his only destiny, but the collective efforts of former OFA users and all the school friends and/or professional heroes that ‘Izuku’s facts are the real key to stopping All For Une.

At this point, there’s hardly anyone left who doesn’t want to take down All For One (except for his most loyal and craziest lieutenants). But it’ll be nice if all the years the villain spent making himself indestructible on the outside are undone by all the rot inside him.

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